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College Baseball Prospect League

College Baseball Prospect League (CBPL)

*The CBPL is dependent on player participation. If there is not enough participation, league play cannot proceed. 

Compete against the top athletes in your region and from across the country. 

The league plays all games between Sept. and Oct. after evaluations take place in late Aug. The league accepts only individual player registrations and teams are formed through a draft based on the on-field evaluation process.


This division is designed to be a showcase for players who intend to play college baseball in the very near future. Players in this division will typically fall in grades 10th-12th; with any 10th graders typically have varsity experience.

This division is designed for the travel level player who aspires to play college baseball in the future. Typically these players fall in grades 9th-10th with advanced 8th graders also accepted. Players in this division should have an above average skill set, and the desire needed to maintain a path toward a future in college baseball.

The league strives to provide our players with a professional experience, and that includes playing at the finest facilities possible.

Each division is made up of 5 teams and includes an evaluation, practice, and 12-15 regular season games. The league is built around balance. Teams typically play 2-3 games per week.

All players must attend the Evaluation. After evaluations, if a player is selected, teams are formed through a draft in an effort to create a competitive balance. Players have the opportunity to participate with players from different schools from all over the region.

NAFBF believes that in order for players to improve they must play in every game, therefore rosters in the CBPL are relatively small. Hitters will get consistent at-bats and pitchers will get consistent innings without being over-used. Our policy is "fair playing time" which means that a player who has a good attitude, is committed, gives 100% effort, and is a good teammate, will EARN a similar amount as the rest of the players. It′s about great competition, getting better, showcasing your skills, and having some fun!

All of our coaches are non-parents. Our coaches are focused on teaching the finer points of the game and developing a fun and competitive atmosphere. All of our coaches are carefully selected and all share our vision.

One of the most difficult adjustments you will have to make in the CBPL is the transition to college ball type of game, and the mental game. The game will move faster and you will be expected to adjust to that speed change quickly. More will be expected from you in terms of detail and understanding.

Unlike ANYTHING of its kind, CBPL scouts will cover all games, with all games being streamed LIVE with in-game tools, multi-media, player spotlights, top performers, game recaps, player and pitcher of the week, and more. The most unprecedented and in-depth player coverage available!

CBPL is a pioneer in using technology in amateur baseball. CBPL takes pride in helping our H.S. players, turn their dreams into reality. CBPL's impact, using technology, is evident across NCAA baseball field's around this country.

College Baseball Coaches value the opportunity to see the best of the best compete. The more chances they have, to evaluate a player, the more likely they will be to recruit them. Attending these short-season leagues, can be a crucial step in your recruiting process. CBPL is designed to be an alternative or additional opportunity to baseball showcases. Almost every college baseball coach will tell you, they prefer to see their potential players in games not showcases. Baseball is a team sport and not an individual activity, like wrestling.

If you are interested in participating in the CBPL you must be an NAFBF member and be registered to the Virtual Training, B.A.S.E., and On-Field Assessment. Once registered, contact your local affiliate to play.

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