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May, 2021

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STEP 1: Register with the NAFBF

All participants must register with the NAFBF to participate in Southwest Sports/NAFBF programs. This includes 

players, coaches, volunteers, and umpires. Our programs are unmatched in quality. The only exception to the 

registration requirement is the BASE Athlete Assessment (see below). More information about our programs can 

be found in the description below.

To register now: CLICK HERE

STEP 2: Online Virtual Athlete Training
*First, register with the NAFBF

Get started today! This package provides you with (3) different programs designed to:

1) Build character and develop leadership attributes with our online learning program.

You will have access to a 12-week program that is designed to build character and

leadership values that are highly valued by college coaches. Southwest Sports will set the 

foundation for your success in athletics and in life.

Each week provides you with (5) activities to complete. Each activity only takes 10-15 minutes 

to complete. You can complete them online or download the Student Athlete Program app to your 

device and get started today.

2) Test your athletic mindset with our athlete athletic mindset testing.

  We've partnered with Sports Mentalytics to bring the cutting edge in sports psychology!

You'll have access to the same assessments used by elite athletes and organizations from

the high school, college, and professional level.

We'll test over 20 different areas of your athletic mindset! Preparation, competition,

and teamwork make up the main assessment categories. You will be provided with a

detailed report of your overall athletic mindset as an individual and as a team-member.

Once you have your assessment scores, you will be provided with feedback on how to improve 

your athletic mindset. This will make you a better player and a better teammate. 

3) Perform self-assessments and gain a better self-awareness of your current athletic abilities.

We've partnered with SkillShark to bring you the best self-assessment application around. 

The goal is to get an honest assessment of your knowledge, skills, and abilities. Later, during the 

on-field evaluation phase, you will be able to compare your assessment with assessments 

conducted by our evaluators. This will help the athlete in developing a better self-awareness of 

their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

To register for the Virtual Athlete Training CLICK HERE or REGISTER for 

membership first (required). 

Step 3
: B.A.S.E. Assessment (On-Field Assessment)
*First register for your NAFBF membership.

*The B.A.S.E. athlete assessment is an overall athletic assessment that will benefit athletes from any sport. 

Here you will complete the first part of the on-field assessment activities beginning with your 

B.A.S.E. evaluation. B.A.S.E. stands for Biomechanics, Athleticism, Sequence, and Endurance. 

B.A.S.E. was designed by Physicians, Physical Therapists, and Sports Industry Professionals.

B.A.S.E. is an assessment of your overall athletic condition. This evaluation is designed to provide 

"essential feedback in order to help maintain athlete health, and to continue developing 

athletic performance"

To register for a B.A.S.E. assessment: CLICK HERE or REGISTER for membership 

first (required). 

Step 4:
 On-Field Baseball Skills Assessment

By completing the on-field assessment, the athlete qualifies to participate in the Southwest 

Sports College Baseball Prospect League or the Developmental League play. Play is dependent on 

number of participants and athlete performance. All athletes must have also completed the Virtual 

Athlete Training and B.A.S.E. Assessment. 

You will participate in a thorough on-field assessment conducted by our trained personnel. 

Areas that are assessed may include hitting, bunting, fielding (infield/outfield), speed, and skills  

applicable to pitchers and catchers. Each of these categories will be explored more in-depth 

during the assessment. Athletes will be provided a post-assessment evaluation packet that is 

accessible and downloadable on-line. Athletes will be ranked in their position at the conclusion  

of the assessment process and will be eligible to participate in the College Baseball Prospect 

League (CBPL) or the Southwest Sports Developmental League.

To register for an on-field assessment: CLICK HERE or REGISTER for membership 

first (required). 

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